We invite you to taste our delicious beer, which is brewed in the brewery of “Nesselbeck” restaurant. Once “Nesselbeck” was famous in Europe for its fine beer. Our restaurant tries to revive this tradition and take its rightful place among the breweries of the Old World. 

The company SALM BRAU (Austria) provides us with brewing equipment. This brand speaks of the high quality of our drink.  O. SALM & CO. GMBH was founded by Georg Welledits and Otto v. Salm in Vienna in 1924. Georg Welledits was a young technician for brewery machines and had great plans and new ideas for the brewery industry. The steadily growing breweries required the design of new automatic cleaning and filling machines.

New technologies for the heating systems of brewhouses were also needed. Many decades later SALM BRAU became
one of the leading companies in this field.“Nesselbeck” uses the company's brewing equipment, and this is why every beer expert will give their highest recommendations to it. Our beer is brewed from the best quality malt, natural hop, clear water and brewer's yeast. We use pasteurization, and we can boldly declare that Nesselbeck is a truly "live" beer! We offer four varieties of company beer: Nesselbek Weizen (wheat light unfiltered beer), Nesselbek Merz (semi-dark unfiltered beer), and Nesselbek Helles (unfiltered light beer) Nesselbek Pilz (light unfiltered beer). You also have an opportunity to watch the process of brewing of the amber drink! It is a real mystery! Once all the ingredients are blended and the wort is cooked, the yeast is added. The fermentation takes 6 days, and another 21 days are required for the beer to mature. The beer is kept in special containers at a constant temperature and pressure. And now, you can try this divine beer in the “Nesselbeck” restaurant! Enjoy its unique flavor in a friendly and cozy atmosphere of the knightly castle! 

Excess consumption of beer can be harmful for your health! 

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The Hotel "Nesselbeck" is situated near Kaliningrad and the Baltic Coast, a short drive from the airport. The hotel has 23 excellent comfortable rooms, equipped with all the conveniences. For the most exacting clients we offer "Lux" and "Presidential" suites.