The Teutonic Order Museum

Nesselbek Castle is the only site of Kaliningrad reconstructed according to the rules of the medieval architecture. Stroll through the halls, examine the antique objects, the original displays of the collection of the museum, become a witness of the jousting tournaments, take a picture in equestrian vestments of the soldiers of the Teutonic order, discover the history of one of the most powerful communities of the Knights of Europe, stay in the hotel, where each room carries the name of one of the Grand Masters of the Teutonic Order, and just feel the history in the only operating castle in Kaliningrad! In the hall of the museum you can scrutinize the equestrian vestments. Even the smallest details are perfectly remade by experts of armor manufacturing – from heavy chain mail to most "intimate" items of clothing. You can also examine the original spearheads and arrowheads used by the Teutons in battles. You will get acquainted with the history of medieval castle architecture and the development of architectural ideas, depictured on the stained-glass windows. The whole history of the Teutonic Order will be presented to you in the form of the Coats of arms of the Teutonic Order Grand Masters, including the very first and the modern ones. You can examine the heraldry of the Order, including the Jerusalem Gold Cross and Fleur-de-lis. Touch the antiquity; imagine that you have appeared in the past with instantaneous magic, and spend a wonderful day in the museum! 

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The Hotel "Nesselbeck" is situated near Kaliningrad and the Baltic Coast, a short drive from the airport. The hotel has 23 excellent comfortable rooms, equipped with all the conveniences. For the most exacting clients we offer "Lux" and "Presidential" suites.