The Legend of Nettle Beck

In the summer of 1563 the fishermen caught a monster in the Curonian Lagoon – a lion-fish. Its skin was covered with short hair; it had a lion's head with a main. It had short font paws and claws. Instead of back paws, it had a fishtail covered with scales.It is believed that the lion-fish squealed, when the fishermen were trying to drag it out of the water. Many considered it a foreboding for Prussia.

However, knowing the passion of Duke Albercht for strange things, the fishermen did not let the lion-fish go, as many requested. They headed to the Königsberg castle, carrying the fish a giant barrel, but they didn't manage to deliver it. As the wise men had foreseen, unrest began to upraise in Königsberg against the foreigners, who seized the power. The lion-fish was left in a couple miles from the city's suburb Quednau. They made a dam on the beck near a small village, released the monster, and decided to present the gift after the situation stabilized. Troubles started to occur in the village. Not only did the lion howl and growl at nights, but also the hens stropped laying eggs and the cows stopped giving milk. During one single night the banks of the beck became overgrown with thick nettle. And from that day on that village is called "Nesselbeck", which means "a nettle beck". That valiant who dared to come close to the dam and see the terrible monster ran away in horror and was long deprived of power of speech. An agitation began, and the peasants wanted to get rid of that creature. It should be mentioned that the population of those places mainly consisted of representatives of Prussian Sambas tribe. Even though they were considered to be Christians they largely adhered to old rituals and beliefs. They turned to a Waidelotte (Druid) for an advice. They were scared to kill it, and they didn't want to take it back to the lagoon, because they feared that the Duke could find out about the arbitrariness and they would not be able to escape the punishment. The waidelotte stayed at the village until it became dark and went to the dam. It was quiet that night. The next morning the waidelotte gathered the people and said: "Folks, I talked with the lion-fish. He wants to be realized and brought back to the lagoon. In exchange for that he offers you a present, a spring of strong beer on the territory of dam that will not dry up until there is a frost. And you will not have to worry about the Duke. He had a stroke and is paralyzed. " Since then, Nesselbeck became famous and still keeps the secret of nettle beer brewing. They say, one of the distant descendants of Prussian Vikings inherited these lands and built a castle. He portrayed the legendary monster - the lion-fish from the Nettle Beck - on his Coat of Arms.

No one knows whether this is true or not, but one thing is certain: there is no better beer than the one brewed in Nesselbeck. The castle that lay in ruins for nearly three centuries is now reconstructed, and for the joy of connoisseurs of beer, it welcomes quests from all over the world.

Excess consumption of beer can be harmful for your health!

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