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The Legend of Nettle Beck

In the summer of 1563 the fishermen caught a monster in the Curonian Lagoon – a lion-fish. Its skin was covered with short hair; it had a lion's head with a main. It had short font paws and claws. Instead of back paws, it had a fishtail covered with scales.It is believed that the lion-fish squealed, when the fishermen were trying to drag it out of the water. Many considered it a foreboding for Prussia.

A hotel in a knightly castle

Welcome to a real medieval Castle Hotel! Experience the unique atmosphere of East Prussia, which reigns inside its walls. Haven't you ever dreamed of living in a knightly castle? Now the only thing you need to do for that is to book a hotel in Kaliningrad! Take a stroll through the halls, the walls of which are decorated with fragments of ancient frescoes, read the mysterious motto of the knights with help of a mirror. Dine in a knightly hall decorated with stained-glass windows and furniture made of centuries-old tree.


In "Nesselbek" restaurant-brewery every event is special, be it an evening with friends, or a romantic dinner. Try the specialties, cooked according to old recipes, enjoy a truly chivalrous meal or order a royal banquet. Review our special offers and pleasant discounts. There are a couple of halls with a unique medieval design in the restaurant, private rooms for confidential dinners and a large banquet hall for wedding receptions and corporate events. The tables for a romantic dinners and banquets may be reserved in advance. Live music plays in the restaurant every evening.

Medieval-style Wedding

The main event of your life must be special. You will never forget the wedding celebrated at a real knight's castle. You will have a fireplace atmosphere in the dining hall, and the virtuosic playing will please your ear. Horse-drawn carriages will drive you to the castle, and the knights, holding lighted torches in their hands, will greet you at the entrance. A memorable romantic night in one of the towers of the castle is waiting for you after the wedding reception.

Knight's Amusement

Nesselbek Castle offers you to plunge into the everyday life of the Knights of the Teutonic Order. Try on real armor precisely remade by the blacksmiths of Kaliningrad according to historical archives and drawings. Take a photo in equestrian vestments on the background of one of the most adventurous places of interest in Kaliningrad!

Banquets and corporate events

Celebrate an important event within the walls of a medieval castle, rather than adhering to usual scenarios. Aren't you dreaming of this, when you are bored during a usual banquet so similar to all the others, like two peas in a pod? 

The Teutonic Order Museum

Nesselbek Castle is the only site of Kaliningrad reconstructed according to the rules of the medieval architecture. Stroll through the halls, examine the antique objects, the original displays of the collection of the museum, become a witness of the jousting tournaments, take a picture in equestrian vestments of the soldiers of the Teutonic order, discover the history of one of the most powerful communities of the Knights of Europe, stay in the hotel, where each room carries the name of one of the Grand Masters of the Teutonic Order, and just feel the history in the only operating castle in Kaliningrad! In the hall of the museum you can scrutinize the equestrian vestments.



54° 47' 54" C (N)
20° 31' 24" В (Е)


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The Hotel "Nesselbeck" is situated near Kaliningrad and the Baltic Coast, a short drive from the airport. The hotel has 23 excellent comfortable rooms, equipped with all the conveniences. For the most exacting clients we offer "Lux" and "Presidential" suites.